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Why invest in property?

Property investing, if done right is a tried and tested method that has helped many people across Australia achieve financial freedom. Whether you are focused on rental income, capital growth or building your portfolio, having the right loan structure is the key to unlocking equity, reducing interest payments and increasing borrowing capacity. 

Understand your return on investment

To help you understand if the investment is worthwhile, we will provide you with a comprehensive cash flow analysis for the property you are looking to purchase. This will help you understand how much you would expect to repay on a monthly and yearly basis.   

Free property reports

For the first 3 properties you look at, we will also provide you with a free comparison report that gives you an estimated price for the property based on comparative sales in the area. This property report is normally valued at $79.95 each.​​ 

Ongoing support to help you build your portfolio

We keep in touch with our clients through regular updates and ongoing annual reviews. This ensures we are consistently reviewing your lending products so you are always in the best position possible to build your property portfolio.  

Know your borrowing 

capacity before you buy

With banks tightening lending across the board, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get home loans approved. All lenders differ in the way they assess investment loans and your capacity to borrow may be significantly increased or decreased based on how they calculate your situation. 


We know which lenders can approve your loan and how to best structure you home loan to maximise your borrowing capacity.

Why work with

Simple Easy Finance?

Being property investors ourselves, we understand the needs and requirements of our property investment clients. Our focus is on helping you structure your home loans so you can continue building your investment portfolio, while enjoying low rates.


Plus, did we mention we don’t charge a fee for our services. We are paid by the different lenders to help you find, apply and manage your home loans.

Amanda Sampol

Property Investor

"Richard was an incredibly knowledgeable mortgage broker, who clearly explained the process, options and requirements involved in purchasing me and my partner's first investment property. I think what really sets Richard apart is his genuineness in helping people and personalised customer service. Through every bit of our journey, Richard factored in our circumstances and goals to provide us with great financial advice. He always went above and beyond and even took the time to educate us about various strategies and resources, his own experiences and even got us in touch with helpful contacts. Exceptional service and great guy! Would highly recommend Richard and his company!"


Property Investor

"Excellent service, always helpful, and they give you the time you need to discuss your options and any questions you have. Great to deal with, they make everything easy for you. I highly recommend their services".


Property Investor

"Best Broker I ever dealt with. Richard was very knowledgeable he not only helped me get a home loan he taught me many things that I didn’t know along the way. Highly recommended".

Ready to start investing

Let us help you with your investment strategy

Helpful articles for property investors

Why location is important for investment property

The first thing most of us look at when selecting an investment property is its location. 80% of the growth will be based off the location and the other 20% will come from the property itself.

Pay off debt vs investing further

What would happen if you had the opportunity to purchase three properties at the same spot instead of just the one 30 years ago? From a very basic mathematics calculation, he would have nearly tripled his wealth today.

Valuable lessons in property investing

There's shortcuts when it comes to building a property portfolio. We have shared some of the essentials in the past such as building knowledge, having good discipline and the most important piece of the recipe, taking action.

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