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Plan for your future by investing in property.

The property market is comparatively stable and a low risk investment.

Earn income if your property is rented out.

Claim tax deductions with your investment property. 

Benefit from capital growth when your investment property increases in value.

Know your borrowing capacity before you start your property search.

With banks tightening lending across the board, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get home loans approved. All lenders differ in the way they assess investment loans and your capacity to borrow may significantly increase or decrease based on how they calculate your situation. 


We work with 35+ lenders and will identify strategies to structure your home loan to maximise your borrowing capacity. Book a free planning session before you start your property search.

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We are committed to helping you build your property portfolio.

Comprehensive cash flow analysis. 

This will help you understand how much you would expect to repay on a weekly / monthly and yearly basis giving you a good understanding to determine if the investment is worth while. 

Free property report.

This comparison report will provide you with an estimated price for the property based on comparative sales in the area. A great negotiation tool.

Home loan health check on your existing property/s.

4/5 Australian home owners are paying too much for their mortgage. Our free home loan health check will assess your current situation and help identify best deal to help you save.



Ongoing support and reviews.

we have a dedicated client relationship manager who will review your home loan situation every 6-12 month to ensure you are always on the best deal possible.


Book a free planning session.


Hear from our happy property investors.

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"Richard and his team provide a professional and efficient service. Richard's attention to detail and prompt advice made our recent loan transaction that much easier. Richard goes above and beyond. He provides more than just a standard mortgage broking service by applying his broad industry knowledge and experience to guide clients through a range of important factors ancillary to the loan transaction when purchasing property. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to anyone who requires assistance in purchasing property."

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Ready to start investing?

Let us help you with your investment strategy.

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for property investors.

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The first thing most of us look at when selecting an investment property is its location. 80% of the growth will be based off the location and the other 20% will come from the property itself.


Pay off debt vs investing further

What would happen if you had the opportunity to purchase three properties at the same spot instead of just the one 30 years ago? From a very basic mathematics calculation, he would have nearly tripled his wealth today.

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Valuable lessons in property investing

There's shortcuts when it comes to building a property portfolio. We have shared some of the essentials in the past such as building knowledge, having good discipline and the most important piece of the recipe, taking action.