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"It is great pleasure to work with Richard Khuong. He is very much supportive and well capable of making difficult thing to simple. He has completed my refinancing proactively from where I have been benefited a lot. I highly recommend others to use Simple Easy Finance Pty Ltd if anyone is seeking for home loan or refinancing."

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We have helped clients refinance their home loan and

save thousands of dollars.

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$ 750,000


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$ 3,368

$ 750,000


P + I

30 Years

$ 2,960


$ 632

$ 7,584

$ 37,920

$37,920 Interest saved in 5 Years!

It is a great pleasure to work with Richard Khuong. He is very much supportive and well capable of making difficult thing to simple. He has completed my refinancing proactively from where I have been benefited a lot. I highly recommend others to use Simple Easy Finance Pty Ltd if anyone is seeking for home loan or refinancing.

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What is refinancing?

Refinancing is when you take on a new home loan and use it to pay off your existing loan. This allows you to take advantage of better rates that weren’t available when you took out your original loan and or change your loan structure to better meet your requirements. With home loan rates at an all time low, home owners can save thousands in interest payments when they refinance to a lower rate.

When should I consider refinancing my home loan?

1. The home loans market is highly competitive and interest rates can vary significantly between lenders. One of the most common reasons for refinancing is to get a lower rate, and over time this could help you save thousands of dollars. A mortgage broker can help assess your situation and help you find a better rate with the lending facilities you need, sometimes this means helping you negotiate with your existing lender on a better deal. Remember, a lower rate may not have all the benefits of your existing loan, be sure to consider factors like fees and features when deciding to make the switch.

2. You may want to switch from a variable loan to a fixed loan to lock in a low interest rate with either your existing lender or a new one. Or you may want to change to a spilt loan, which has part variable and part fixed rate. Depending on the type of mortgage you have, this may require refinancing.

3. As you pay down your mortgage and property values increase, the equity you have in your property builds up and becomes a valuable asset. By refinancing, you can access that equity to generate funds to use in a variety of situations; including home renovation and a deposit on an investment property.

4. Home loan interest rates are often lower than those for other forms of credit, so you can save money by consolidating debts such as credit cards or personal loans into your mortgage. However, it’s important to note paying off a short-term loan over a longer period will likely incur extra interest and fee over the longer term, so put the money saved from consolidating your debts into your mortgage to help you pay off your debts faster.

How much does it cost to refinance my home loan?

On average the cost to refinance ranges from $600-$800, depending on your existing and new lender.  It's important to factor these in your decision and speak to a trusted broker who can help you work out the numbers, sometimes a broker can also find deals that can by-pass some of these fees below.

1. Break cost: These fees apply when you refinance within a fixed period of your home loan. For example if you are on a 3 year fixed interest product and decide to refinance after the first year, your existing lender will charge you a break cost.

2. Discharge fee: This is an administration fee paid to your current lender to prepare the paperwork to pay out your existing loan.

3. Application fee: This relates to the cost to set up your loan application with the new lender.

4. Valuation fee: Your new lender may charge a fee to have your property valued by a professional property valuer.

5. Lender Mortgage Insurance (LMI): If you have less than 20% equity in your property, you new lender may charge you LMI to protect them against mortgage default.

What are the benefits of working with a mortgage broker instead of going directly to the bank?

1. When it comes to refinancing your home loan, the most common thing people do is to compare rates. Comparison by rates is by no means difficult, however it does become more complex when you start to look at features and types of facilities you need. This is where engaging a broker can really help. Plus, brokers can help you negotiate a better rate with the lender.

2. Unlike lenders, a mortgage broker has access to hundreds of loan products across a range of lenders. If one product doesn’t suit you, we can explore others. It is important to know, rates are standard regardless of how you apply for your new loan, the rates provided by your broker will be the same as the lender. However mortgage brokers are savvy and know the different promotions available across the different lenders and can quickly advise if you are eligible for any promotions.

3. If you have a number of properties or want to grow your property portfolio, getting the right guidance early is key. A good mortgage broker can help you structure your loan and help you plan for the future. Don’t just settle on lower rates, sometimes having the right loan structure can unlock more borrowing capacity in the long run.

4. Mortgage brokers do not charge a fee. This is the best part, mortgage broker do not charge a fee as we are paid by the lenders. So why not let us find you the best loan and manage the whole application process, while you sit back and relax.

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