Our Support to Property Investors

Property investing, if done right, is a tried and tested method that has helped many people across Australia achieve financial freedom. Statistics from RP data and the census from 2011 show that 8% of the population at the time, owned at least 1 investment property. Out of this 8%, 73% of them own 1 property, 18% own 2 properties, 5% own 3 properties, the remaining 4 % own 4 or more properties.



While having an investment property is great, having 1 or 2 may not set you up for financial freedom unless each of them were multi-million dollar properties. There can many different reasons why people stop after 1 or 2 properties, it could be due to life circumstances, financial reasons, other priorities, family, no time. This is where we can help investors along the way to reaching your end goal.

Review every 6-12 month

We keep in touch with our clients through updates of the current market conditions and also speak with you and review your situation every 6 – 12 months. We identify if you have any opportunities to use your equity, identify if your rate can be improved or help with facilitating a new plan for your future.

Ongoing support to build your portfolio

If we do see opportunity within your portfolio to take advantage of the equity or excess funds, we have a range of partners that we have aligned with that can help you with making that next move. Whether it be looking for an off the plan, new house and land package, existing property, development opportunity, a new business or commercial opportunity, share markets, coaching, whatever it is we can help put you in touch with people to support your next endeavour.​

Free home loan health check

4/5 Australian home owners are paying too much for their mortgage. Our free home loan health check will assess your current situation and help identify ways to help you get the best deal for your situation. 

Free cashflow analysis

We will provide you with a comprehensive cash flow analysis of any property that you are looking to purchase. This will help you understand how much you would expect to repay on a weekly / monthly and yearly basis giving you a good understanding to determine if the investment is worth while. 

Free Property Comparison Report

(Valued at $79 each)

For the first 3 properties you look at, we can also provide you a free comparison report that provides an estimated price for the property based on comparative sales in the area, normally valued at $79.95 each.​​ 

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